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internet usage and psychological disturbances: study shows lack of causation

Posted in my time, on human behavior by huhinteresting on February 21, 2010

This study by Dr. Chiungjung Huang out of the National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan reveals a lack of evidence linking depression, loneliness and declined sense of self-esteem with various levels of internet usage. With an examination of over 40 studies representing an overall sample size of 20,000+ participants, the study is an offers an interesting counter to the argument that increased online leads to a decline in psychological well-being.

you should still go outside and talk to people tho … okbai.


i want to go to there. #7

Posted in my time, pretty things to look at by huhinteresting on October 25, 2009

seattle has a curiousity shop in it. it needs visiting by me.


via What Makes the Pie Shops Tick? flickr

roses and gorges

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it’s been a good year for the roses


and for le jardin en general


which has made being out on the deck quite sneeze-o-licious!


story of the daptone

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my song of the spring is a remake of Shuggie Otis’ inspiration information by Saron Jones and the Daptones (please refer to song du jour fer sure 4.30.09). i might be officially obsessed: erm … ringtone.

here’s a wonderful nytimesmag article from 12.07.08, entitled Soul Riviver, which talks about about the awesomeness that is Gabriel Roth, the co-owner of Daptones Records. there’s some wonderful details on the firecracker, Sharon Jones (e.g. her fanny pack = her holster) and adds one more notch to Bushwick’s renegade hip factor.

and for throwback props and good listeningtimes: here’s the original Shuggie Otis version o’ Inspiration Information.

i rilly .!. rilly want to go to here. #1

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tour of the universe, a special event for the upcoming World Science Festival a la AMNH

tour_o_cosmosthe Transparent Brain, Visible Thoughts program also looks pretty awesometimes.

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me (sic) new favorite blogsky du jour

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smile o the day

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haters will hate, but i’m really into this. thanks ave.

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i lied – finals breaksky – time for the song du jour fer sure

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hey remember that time … change out the cat for a bird and maybe take out the last two lines and i am all up in this song.

i want to go to there. #6

Posted in my time, the happy by huhinteresting on May 1, 2009

this is a long video, but i would eat every minute of it for how much i’d have liked to have been there … in paris … even up 11 flights of stairs … to sing with yeasayer. but then, i probs would’ve been the chick who rang the door bell in the middle of tightrope. cause i tend to have really awesome social timing like that.

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