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primordial ooze : blood waterfall

Posted in creepy, nature's awesomeness by huhinteresting on February 21, 2010

wowskies. this is a photograph of a blood-red waterfall located in Antarctica’s Taylor Glacier. it is the leakage of primordial ooze or ancient microbes from a fissure in the glacier they were trapped beneath almost 2 million years ago . these microbes evolved and continue to thrive without heat, sunlight or oxygen and are red in color due to their high salinity and richness in iron. (source)



Posted in creepy by huhinteresting on February 20, 2010

i am a wee bit speechless about this.

And I quote: It is the mission of MMICCo. to challenge the traditional paradigm that there is nothing abnormal about conversion of mammalian milk into luxury food items. Mother’s milk is a natural creation that we should celebrate, but is the milk of other species truly fair game for human consumption? If so, why isn’t human milk? Our hope is to provide a delicious frozen product while framing this conversation in a way that leads to fruitful progress in consideration of the ecological niche of Homo sapiens. End quote.

o. no.