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intelligence in males correlated with monogamy

Posted in on human behavior by huhinteresting on March 2, 2010

According to a new report written by a London School of Economics and Political Science professor, Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, intelligent men are evolutionarily predisposed towards monogamy, liberalism and atheism. While sexual exclusivity belies the promiscuous psychological “programming” of early man, intelligent men are able to adapt to modern society which reinforces monogamy over promiscuity. The report is published in the March issues of Social Psychology Quarterly and is paid subscription only, but Dr. Kanazawa provides a free link to the article on his website.

I’ve also encountered some studies which report that skeezoid *an colloquial, but useful term when employed in academic contexts* males who exhibit traits social scientists deem the “dark triad” (narcissism, thrill-seeking and deceitfulness) have a larger number of affairs, trysts and short-term relationships. Dr. Peter Jonason, of New Mexico University in Las Cruces, believes the “dark triad” to be a set of genetically predisposed traits, stating in an article in New Scientist Magazine, “We have some evidence these traits may represent a successful evolutionary strategy.”

My 2 sense:

  1. Erm … studies are vague. Especially sociological studies. Also, studies that examine social evolution are handling a tricky and malleable construct.
  2. Not to pit the two against each other, but the Dr. Kanazawa’s report (increased IQ = increased predilection to monogamy) is based on an examination of two studies: the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and the General Social Survey. Meanwhile, Dr. Jonason surveyed 200 college kids for his study. Hmmmm.

Just let it all mull about the mind.


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