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cassava + latex allergy = recipe for disaster

Posted in Uncategorized by huhinteresting on February 24, 2010

there’s a correlation between suffers of latex allergies and people who are (potentially fatally) allergic to cassava. weird. here’s a clinical case study about cassava’s cross-reactivity with latex allergies.

o. also, if prepared incorrectly, cassava (the main ingredient in tapioca) can produce cyanide. huh, interesting.


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  1. Ana Carolina C L Falcao said, on April 18, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    I am really impressed because until 10 days ago I had no idea about the cross reaction between cassava alergy and latex alergy! I had a patient who related an alergy to cassava ,but I had never heard about anyone being alergic to cassava,that was pretty new for me and my colleagues ! and during her surgery she went through a terrible anafilatic reaction and couldn´t imagine what had caused that reaction, but we were pretty fast treating that reaction,so the patient were lucky,so were my colleague and myself…happy end for all of us ! But right after the surgery when she woke up from anesthesia and talking with the patient she told us about some reactions with ballons ,those used during children ´s party..and oh my God, she was alergic to latex but she had no idea !!!! But we didn´t know about the crossing reaction between cassava alergy and latexalergy ! So this is to let people know that this can happen with this is an alert!

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