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Catching Up with Lexie

Posted in Uncategorized by huhinteresting on February 11, 2010

whoopsy … who let her blog lapse?

meeeeeeeee. booooooooooooooooo. fixing it now with this story:

The Mugging of Lexie, an Elderly Westie in Brooklyn per NYPost

tagline: “paws in the air, this is a stick up”

Aw, some jerk stole Lexie’s jacket while her owner popped into a Park Slope market. This = sad. You know what else is sad? Leaving Lexie outside in the freezing cold by her lonesome.

Growing up in Chelsea I encountered 3 issues with leaving my Irish Setter outside while I ran into a shop real quick.

  • Pet Thief: If you have a young dog, a cute dog or a dog that looks v v ‘spensive, leaving it outside is like flashing a computer on the subway in 1982. If you believe that dogs are still (or ever were) sold in the city for parts, like to labs for animal testing, then even a rescued mongrel-pooch is at risk. For the record, the the “dogs are sold to labs” story I heard when I was 10 rilly scared the piss out of me and urban myth or not … I’ve never let the horror of it go.
  • Pet Police: I’ve witnessed extreme pet crusaders (and I’ve related to them as well) berate people who’ve left their pets outside and threaten that if they ever see poochie outside sans owner again, they will take poochie and call animal services on the owner’s ass. We’re wandering into some slippery ethical territory here, but the point is that crazy concerned people can represent just as much of a threat as pet thieves.
  • The guilt: See Trixie’s face? Trixie’s expression is the product of thousands upon thousands of years of evolution and artificial selection to elicit a sympathetic human response. I’m falling for it and it’s likely you are too … Trixie’ll make you feel terrible for abandoning her even for a minute or two. The fact that someone molested her and stole her coat, leaving her shivering in the snow while you were inside all toasty warm getting bon bons … well, you’ll just have bear the burden of that on your consciousness forever.

I’m searching for the article I recently read on evolution and dogs. Will post as soon as I locate it.


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