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i’ve been major league focusing on writing and this whole lifestyle diet thing that i’m on so please forgive the deliquency. posts will be patchy at best.


weekend highlights

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walking out of cheri. ugh.


the new leg point and stomp move i invented in my pink suede heels. we’ll call it choreography a la fushoes.

lurvely market plate a la westville.


followed by a magnolia red velvet cupcake.


trying to learn how to tickle.

spending an amazing saturday with someone who hates backgammon as much as me.


an evening stroll to fort greene and dining at no. 7 (good company made up for the rilly rilly salty food).

tapas with an old friend and his lady love at cafe noir (which is only going to be on the corner of grand and thompson for one more year).

avoiding the sketchy mayhem.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

youngest transexual

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i read this story in the uk mail the other day, but it blew into the back of my brain. i referenced it in a conversation today and realized just how incredible it really is.

so, Kim Petrius was born a boy, but knew from a very very early age that he wanted to be a girl. Kim began hormone therapy at age 12 and after turning 16, was legally able to complete  gender reassignment surgery this past November. she is a signed pop singer who wants to go into fashion later and has a very proud set of parents.

from_tim_to_kimhere’s an interview with her where she talks about growing up knowing that she wanted to be a girl

Vodpod videos no longer available.

gentle giants

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i’ve been experiencing a mid-level obsession with massive doggies, but am troubled by their incredibly short life spans (5-9 years) and degenerative health concerns including hip dysplasia, bloat (or torsion), thyroid/hormone issues, heart problems, and cancers. sad face. anyway, in my poking around about extra large breeds, i compiled a list of my favorites.

the irish wolfhound is kind of my favorite, but only lives 5-7 years. this is no buens.

irishwolfhoundmitdoodlook at how tall they are!


the great dane is actually the tallest breed and along with the newfoundland is considered to be the sweetest (tho danes are also noted to be very stubborn). while they are my second favorite, they do live tend to live on average a few years longer than the irish wolfhounds. so a mix that was primarily great dane would probs be my first choice.

gibson is the tallest dog living. here he’s pictured next to the world’s smallest dog, boo boo.


he’s danced with oprah.


i learned from gibson’s website that he recently had one of his legs amputated from cancer. sad face.

the most massive dog breed is the mastiff.


a friend of mine rescued a cane corso, a brachycephalic molossoid descended from mastinos, a breed that used to guard tibetan monastaries. this was one of the scariest dogs i’ve ever met due to terrible training, but he was stunningly gorges.


then there’s the wrinkled neapolitan or italian mastiff. these guys are awesome looking. unfortunately, bacteria can proliferate in their skin folds, which can be rather stinky.


the greater swiss mountain dog is in a class of its own. they are magic dogs and are the grandfather breed of rotweilers and st. bernards. my sister had a wonderful swissy named Neder who was my westie’s BFF. unfortunately, the breed is prone to epilepsy and Ned was a very sick pup who died before he was 4.

greater_swiss_mountainif but for their 3 coats of hair and epileptic propensity, i’d be all over this dog breed. they’re smart, sweet, gentle lugs who look like giant teddy bears! they have a white chest like a st. bernard, but short hair like a rotty, and the best shaped skull ever. drooling also isn’t as much of an issue as with some of the other super-duper large pups.

st. bernards were bred by monks living in the st. bernard pass in the swiss alps as rescue dogs.


the pyrenean mountain dog (or great pyrenees) is an ancient sheep guard dog breed who were declared the royal dog of france in 1675.


then there’s the doggie nanny from peter pan, the newfoundland. newfoundlandi rilly like the newfoundland landseer coat:


it’d also be fun to have a great pyrenees and a black newfoundland. though their shedding would drive me mad.

then there are a number of huge hounds. such as the coon hound

black_tan_coonhoundand the bloodhound (or st. hubert hound)

bloodhoundthe blue tick hound is also worth a looksky (they don’t look to be quite as big tho).

BluetickCoonhoundthe scottish deerhound is pretty awesome looking and was bred to hunt red deer.


greyhounds are also considered extra-large breeds, but their slimness does seem to make them seem not quite as imposing. or maybe i’ve just been staring at the mastiffs for too long


this is the borzoi (or russion wolfhound), a type of sighthound built similarly to greyhounds


i think they look like salukis (one of the most ancient domesticated breeds) and afghans

there’s a small number of newer breeds created from cross breeding the gentle giants, like the Leonberger from south-west Germany bred in the 1800s from newfoundlands, great bernards, and pyrenean mountain dog


there are more extra-large dog breeds, but these are the ones that i found to be the most interesting. sadly, none are hypoallergenic and the health issues would be cost prohibitive for me at this point in my life. maybe one day if i live in the country i’ll have a gentle giant, but until then i’m day dreaming about rescuing this girl


awesome animal name du jour

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the terror skink


highlights of the highline

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looking at the bedroom, fire escape and roof where i spent my teenage years and waxing nostalgic.

seeing jay z followed by the largest most perfectly round red balloon ever.

running into people who’d just been talking about me and freaking them out. love that.

90 days without sugar – the great experiment begins

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o. no.

feel free to follow along kids.

revisting the sublime

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sometimes it overtakes you