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intelligence in males correlated with monogamy

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According to a new report written by a London School of Economics and Political Science professor, Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, intelligent men are evolutionarily predisposed towards monogamy, liberalism and atheism. While sexual exclusivity belies the promiscuous psychological “programming” of early man, intelligent men are able to adapt to modern society which reinforces monogamy over promiscuity. The report is published in the March issues of Social Psychology Quarterly and is paid subscription only, but Dr. Kanazawa provides a free link to the article on his website.

I’ve also encountered some studies which report that skeezoid *an colloquial, but useful term when employed in academic contexts* males who exhibit traits social scientists deem the “dark triad” (narcissism, thrill-seeking and deceitfulness) have a larger number of affairs, trysts and short-term relationships. Dr. Peter Jonason, of New Mexico University in Las Cruces, believes the “dark triad” to be a set of genetically predisposed traits, stating in an article in New Scientist Magazine, “We have some evidence these traits may represent a successful evolutionary strategy.”

My 2 sense:

  1. Erm … studies are vague. Especially sociological studies. Also, studies that examine social evolution are handling a tricky and malleable construct.
  2. Not to pit the two against each other, but the Dr. Kanazawa’s report (increased IQ = increased predilection to monogamy) is based on an examination of two studies: the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and the General Social Survey. Meanwhile, Dr. Jonason surveyed 200 college kids for his study. Hmmmm.

Just let it all mull about the mind.



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how true savage chickens, how true.

crackdown on pajama-wearing while shopping

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The British supermarket Tesco has made the controversial move of enforcing a no-nightwear policy for shoppers at a Welsh branch. In a Daily Mail article 24-year-old, mother of two and frequent Tesco customer, Elaine Carmody, is quoted as saying, “I’ve got lovely pairs of pyjamas, with bears and penguins on them. I’ve worn my best ones today, just so I look tidy.” Unfortunately, Tesco’s security guards weren’t feeling the tidy pajama argument and Elaine was still asked to leave.

Elaine, I think it’s time for you to invest in some pajama jeans!!

Related: You might recall hearing about China’s anti-pajama-wearing-in-public law

update: world’s tallest dog

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The world’s tallest dog is no longer the white Great Dane, Titan or the harlequin Great Dane, Gibson. The new holder of the Guinness World Record for tallest dog living is Giant George who stands 3 feet, 7 inches tall from paw to shoulder. Giant George lives in Tucson, AZ with his caregiver, David Nasser. Click here for a little BBC video story about Giant George taking the title.

cassava + latex allergy = recipe for disaster

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there’s a correlation between suffers of latex allergies and people who are (potentially fatally) allergic to cassava. weird. here’s a clinical case study about cassava’s cross-reactivity with latex allergies.

o. also, if prepared incorrectly, cassava (the main ingredient in tapioca) can produce cyanide. huh, interesting.

also in texas

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a lady pets a giant hamster. it’s a capybara and is the largest rodent in the world. a gentle animal found in and around Venezuela, the capybara allows humans to feed and care for it.

interestingly, the catholic church classifies the animal as ‘fish.” making it rather popular to eat during lent. i’ll leave you to grapple with that theological twist.

trend watch 2010

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i am hoping that the cakeball trend spawned in Texas is a fad that sweeps the nation, simply because I love sayin’ CAKEBALLS!

(thanks to Bry)

internet usage and psychological disturbances: study shows lack of causation

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This study by Dr. Chiungjung Huang out of the National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan reveals a lack of evidence linking depression, loneliness and declined sense of self-esteem with various levels of internet usage. With an examination of over 40 studies representing an overall sample size of 20,000+ participants, the study is an offers an interesting counter to the argument that increased online leads to a decline in psychological well-being.

you should still go outside and talk to people tho … okbai.

primordial ooze : blood waterfall

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wowskies. this is a photograph of a blood-red waterfall located in Antarctica’s Taylor Glacier. it is the leakage of primordial ooze or ancient microbes from a fissure in the glacier they were trapped beneath almost 2 million years ago . these microbes evolved and continue to thrive without heat, sunlight or oxygen and are red in color due to their high salinity and richness in iron. (source)

actually water for chocolate

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According to this article in the Telegraph, British scientists replaced fat particles in chocolate with water, creating an excellent tasting and low-fat treat. Researchers have also developed a type of oatmeal that reduces hunger by staying in the belly longer. This seems like a bad call in terms of the fermentation that can occur in one’s stomach when food doesn’t pass through quickly, however between obesity and food fermentation, i guess the former is the greater of two evils.


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i am a wee bit speechless about this.

And I quote: It is the mission of MMICCo. to challenge the traditional paradigm that there is nothing abnormal about conversion of mammalian milk into luxury food items. Mother’s milk is a natural creation that we should celebrate, but is the milk of other species truly fair game for human consumption? If so, why isn’t human milk? Our hope is to provide a delicious frozen product while framing this conversation in a way that leads to fruitful progress in consideration of the ecological niche of Homo sapiens. End quote.

o. no.

sleepin’ bags

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i REALLY WANT THIS sleeping bag by Eiko Ishizawa.

i also want the Selk bag pretty hard since it’s multifunctional as pjs, a snow suit, a space walker costume, romantic evening-wear and the ultimate snuggie destroyer.

smart scarf

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i wish this scarf with built in pockets came in non-hipster plaid, but this is still a super great idea scarf. blue tartan or brown plaid = my faves


beers for me!

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I recently went to Woodwork, a lovely new bar on Vanderbilt that plays loads of soccer games and has an extensive beer menu which includes Green’s gluten-free beer, Endeavor. Mr. awesomepants ordered it and we were both incredibly surprised and pleased! Dis beer is deeeelicious!

Woodwork is a lovely little spot and I look forward to watching some more games before the world cup later this month and getting my beer on. Who knew?

starving away cancer

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Wednesday, February 10th was the first day of TED 2010 and featured a wonderful talk by Dr. William Li about the use of antiangiogenic substances in foods to “starve out cancer”.

Angiogenesis is the growth of blood vessels. Restricting or blocking too much growth can stave off cancerous disease. What I found most fascinating is the following statistic: in autopsies of auto accident victims, 40% carried microscopic harmless cancers (breast and prostate for women and men respectively). By inhibiting blood vessel growth these cancers remain harmless.

temherte slaq

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In some ethiopic languages there is a punctuation mark called the temherte slaq that serves to denote sarcasm at the end of a sentence. now i don’t know anything about the structure in ethiopic languages, but the idea of a sarcasm mark is  … huh, interesting.

According to the document, Roadmap to Extension of the Ethiopic Writing System Standard Under Writing Code ISO-10646:

“Graphically indistinguishable from U+00A1 (R) Temherte Slaq differs in semantic use in Ethiopia. Temherte Slaq will come at the end of a sentence (vs at the beginning in Spanish use) and is used to indicate an unrealphrase, often sarcastical in editorial cartoons. Temherte Slaq is also important in children‘s literature and inpoetic use. Debate is needed among Ethiopian scholars to determine if inverted exclamation mark is acceptable.”

John Greenman jokingly talked about introducing a sarcasm symbol in a 2004 Slate article, A Giant Step Forward to Punctuation, which uses symbol very effectively to highlight how destructive (and annoying) the pervasive injection of sarcasm is in communication. It’s a good read.

There was a proposed punctuation mark called the irony mark in France, but it was (shockingly *insert sarcasm mark here*) not accepted into proper usage, nor did it take off unofficially.

Just some things to pontificate over …

sim: earth with rings like saturn

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RIP Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen found dead in his London apartment this morning. Source.

Waste of VD

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Not to rain on the red and pink parade but, here’s a gentle reminder truncated from GreenMuze’s 2009 article, Eco-Valentine’s Day

The celebration of Valentine’s Day produces an inordinate volume of post-consumer waste  (2nd only to Christmas). The majority of the long-stemmed red roses are South American imports with a large carbon transport footprint, a great deal of the Chocolate is farmed unsustainably and socially irresponsibly, the papers for wrappings and cards are generally from non-sustainable forestry and production processes, and finally … dirty gold produces nearly 20 tonnes of waste per ounce of gold (more info @ oxfam).

Catching Up with Lexie

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whoopsy … who let her blog lapse?

meeeeeeeee. booooooooooooooooo. fixing it now with this story:

The Mugging of Lexie, an Elderly Westie in Brooklyn per NYPost

tagline: “paws in the air, this is a stick up”

Aw, some jerk stole Lexie’s jacket while her owner popped into a Park Slope market. This = sad. You know what else is sad? Leaving Lexie outside in the freezing cold by her lonesome.

Growing up in Chelsea I encountered 3 issues with leaving my Irish Setter outside while I ran into a shop real quick.

  • Pet Thief: If you have a young dog, a cute dog or a dog that looks v v ‘spensive, leaving it outside is like flashing a computer on the subway in 1982. If you believe that dogs are still (or ever were) sold in the city for parts, like to labs for animal testing, then even a rescued mongrel-pooch is at risk. For the record, the the “dogs are sold to labs” story I heard when I was 10 rilly scared the piss out of me and urban myth or not … I’ve never let the horror of it go.
  • Pet Police: I’ve witnessed extreme pet crusaders (and I’ve related to them as well) berate people who’ve left their pets outside and threaten that if they ever see poochie outside sans owner again, they will take poochie and call animal services on the owner’s ass. We’re wandering into some slippery ethical territory here, but the point is that crazy concerned people can represent just as much of a threat as pet thieves.
  • The guilt: See Trixie’s face? Trixie’s expression is the product of thousands upon thousands of years of evolution and artificial selection to elicit a sympathetic human response. I’m falling for it and it’s likely you are too … Trixie’ll make you feel terrible for abandoning her even for a minute or two. The fact that someone molested her and stole her coat, leaving her shivering in the snow while you were inside all toasty warm getting bon bons … well, you’ll just have bear the burden of that on your consciousness forever.

I’m searching for the article I recently read on evolution and dogs. Will post as soon as I locate it.